July 11th, 2012 Deal of the Day!

Hey teachers! I’m Amy from Educational Insights and I’m here with today’s Deal of the Day.

You may already be playing classroom baseball or whiteboard baseball, but Educational Insights has taken the work out of it for you with the Batter Up! Whole-class activity chart. Simply divide your class into two teams, write the names of the players who are up on these cards, and ask any question. IF the player or the student gets the question right, spin the spinner to determine the play, (here’s a single) players run the bases, and track the points up here. This is great for reviewing vocabulary words, spelling words, math facts, science, almost anything!

The Batter Up! Whole-class Activity chart is usually $19.99, but for today ONLY is $12.99, so head on over to EducationalInsights.com and place your order today! This offer is only good until midnight pst!


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