July 14th, 2012 Deal of the Day

A horses head, a cow’s middle, and a pig’s behind? That doesn’t seem right! Hi, I’m Natasha here with Educational Insights, and today is July 14th 2012. A you know, we’ve been doing Deal of the Day, and today’s Deal of the Day is Crazy Creatures!

It’s a fun, listen, mix and match game for kids four and up. Your kids will love this game. It’ll test their motor skills and their matching skills. Basically, what you have to do is push on this barn and it makes a noise. It’ll say “moo!” or “Oink!”. The goal is to make a right creature with the right front and behind. The first person to do that with all four animals wins!

So, for today only, this game is $9.99. Usually it’s $24.99. I think this is great deal! The sale is only 24 hours, and it ends midnight tonight PST. So hurry on to Educational Insights to get your copy today!

Also, get free shipping with this Deal of the Day purchase by entering EIFREE at checkout!


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