July 18th, 2012 Deal of the Day

Hi, I’m Nancy and today’s Deal of the Day is Check Math. Today is Wednesday July 18th and for 24 hours only you can get Check Math normally at $19.99 for $12.99.

Let me tell you what’s great about Check Math. This is a game about teaching factors and multiples. It’s like Checkers, except that you need to learn your factors and multiples.
To play, you line up the game board like this. For example, orange lines up from 1 to 10 over here and green lines up from 91 to 100 here. When it’s your turn, you can move one checker forward one row, but they can only go on multiples of their number. So, if I want to move the 2 forward, I can put the 2 on space 12 or space 14 because 2 divides evenly into 12 and 14, but I cannot put the 2 on space 13. So if I wanted, I could put the piece here. Then it would be green’s turn and maybe green would move it’s 5. 5 could go on to the 85 because it’s a multiple of 5, or I could move 5 over on to 90.

So here’s where the strategy in Check Math gets interesting. On the board here, we’ve been playing along. I have my 6 on space 54, and orange has it’s 2 on space 34. It’s orange’s turn and orange moves it’s piece onto space 42, because again, 42 is a multiple of 2. But, Orange should not have moved there because 6, which is right here, is also a factor of 42. So 6, the green, can go ahead and capture that 2.

If you manage to move your piece all the way to the end of the board, so imagine this six got all the way to the end of the board right here, then you can crown your piece by turning it over. The piece is allowed to move backwards as well as forward once it’s been crowned.

So that’s Check Math! This deal ends today Wednesday July 18th at midnight.

Enter EIFREE for free shipping along with this Deal of the Day purchase!


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