July 21st, 2012 Deal of the Day

Hi I’m Caitlyn.

And I’m Amy.

Today is July 21st, 2012. Today’s Deal of the Day is KaBam! It’s a great tin game. It usually costs $12.99, but today you can get it for $8.99 at Educationalinsights.com. This deal is only good until midnight tonight!

So the way the game plays is you split the deck into two different piles, and you can play as teams or you can play as two individuals. You flip the first card over at the same time. You add a letter before, in the middle or after the two cards to make a word.


Amy said therapy; she gets the cards. So you continue playing until the deck is completely gone, and whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins! Then, you can just keep playing over and over again until your heart’s content.

So again, it’s $8.99 for today only up until midnight tonight, so head over the website at http://www.EducationalInsights.com, and pick up your game today!

KaBam! Enter EIFREE at check out for free shipping along with this Deal of the Day purchase!


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