July 23rd, 2012 Deal of the Day

Hi I’m Amy, and I’m here with Educational Insights’ Deal of the Day for Monday July the 23rd. We’re talking about E-Z as ABC, the puzzle game for preschoolers! This helps preschoolers learn the letter names, the sounds they make, even upper and lower case letter symbols, and it’s all done through puzzle play.

So there are 52 pieces, two for every letter of the alphabet. Kids can start by finding matching pieces. Here I’ve put together the violin. You can turn it over and see that violin starts with the letter V, and you can even see what an uppercase and a lowercase V looks like.

So, tons of fun for preschoolers, very simple game play, E-Z as ABC usually retails for $19.99, but today it’s only $7.99 at www.educationalinsights.com. This offer is good through midnight PST tonight, so head over to Educational Insights and give it a try!

Get Free Shipping with this item by entering EIFREE at checkout!


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