July 25th, 2012 Deal of the Day

Hey! Caitlin here from Educational Insights again, today is July 25th, 2012, and today’s Deal of the Day is Tri-Words.

This travel-style game is $14.99 regularly, but today, you can get it for $9.99 over at educationalinsights.com until midnight tonight PST.

The way this game plays is you have a predetermined set amount of tiles that you play according to the amount of players you’re playing with. So if you’re playing with two players, you can have anywhere between five to eight tiles. There are seven tiles here. You roll the dice, and it would say “make one word”, and the color is green. So, You’re going to flip all of your tiles over to the green side and try to make a word using those letters. If you’re not able to make a word with all the letters, for example, I have a Q and an X here, you can flip them over and use either the yellow letter or the orange letter as well, but you’d get fewer points for that word. As soon as you make a word, you flip over the sand timer and that gives the rest of the players that much time to finish their words. You can play up to 10 rounds or you can play up to 100 points, whatever you like.

Again, Tri-words is $9.99 for today only, so head over to www.educationalinsights.com and get your copy. 🙂

As an additional deal from us to you, enter EIFREE at checkout for free shipping on this awesome deal!


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