July 29th, 2012 Deal of the Day

Hi, it’s Natasha again with Educational Insights and I’m here with today’s Deal of the Day. Today is Sunday July 29th, 2012, and our deal is on Rattled. Rattled is usually $14.99, but today only for 24 hours until midnight PST, it goes for only $6.99, which is crazy!

You shake the rattle, you set it down, and you have to try to make the longest word out of these scrambled letters. The letters are the same on both sides. The first player to find the longest word within 30 seconds gets a point. The nice thing about this product is that it has a point system right on the spine of it, so the first person to get to 20 points wins!

So this is a great game for family night, and again it’s only $6.99 today. Come and get your copy at http://www.EducationalInsight.com. Thanks for watching!

Enter EIFREE at checkout to get this product shipped to your home for free with purchase!


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