Wild Wednesdays: Brent’s Backyard Bug Adventures!

Hi and welcome to Backyard Bug Adventure! My name is Brent Geppert and I manage the toys and games for Educational Insights. Out of all the toys and games we do, the ones I love the most are the ones about bugs, and that is why we are doing the backyard bug adventure in my backyard!

So bugs are amazing and what’s incredible is we’re surrounded by them. Some of the coolest bugs are in your own backyard or even your favorite park! So today, we’re going to try to find some baby ladybugs. They are kind of hard to find because they don’t look like adult ladybugs. So lets go try to find some in my apple tree!

We finally found a baby ladybug. He’s right here. Let’s see if we can get him to crawl on my hand… very gentle with him. There he is. Be very gentle when you’re handling bugs. There he is! A baby ladybug. Now it doesn’t look anything like an adult ladybug, but when it gets older, he or she will develop their spots and become a ladybug. Let go put him in our GeoSafari Bug Viewer!

So now I have the baby ladybug with an adult ladybug in the GeoSafari Jr. Bug Viewer. We get a great view of them. There’s the baby ladybug crawling around trying to look for some aphids probably. Actually, those little black spots that you see next to the adult ladybug are actually old aphids because ladybugs love to eat aphids.

So thanks for joining me on the backyard bug adventure! I’m going to put our friends back on the apple tree, and until next time, see you later, have a great time, get out there and find some cool bugs! Buh-bye

Like us and Let us know on Facebook what other backyard bugs you’d like to learn more about and we’ll choose one respondent to win a GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Bug Net™!


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