Fun Metric Worksheets from Nancy B.

Nancy Balter is our math and science product developer here at Educational Insights. Not only is she brilliant in developing educational toys and games in her area of expertise, but she was also a teacher for 11 years! Today she has graciously shared with us some very helpful worksheets to help your kids learn their metric system.

A word from Nancy:
These two fun worksheets help students to learn the Metric System. The 2-page Optical Illusions worksheet has students using a ruler to practice measuring in metric (using centimeters and millimeters). Kids love optical illusions so it’s fun to do. The Cinderella worksheet has kids converting between metric units. (BTW: the answer to the riddle ‘Why did Cinderella get thrown off the baseball team?’ is: Because she ran away from the ball!) Both worksheets list the skill used on the bottom left corner of the page.

We hope you enjoy them!


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