Brent’s Backyard Bug Adventures: Brown Widows

Hello and welcome back to Backyard Bug Adventures! Brent Geppert here. I am the toys and games manager at Educational Insights. Okay so tonight we’re going to go on a bug adventure. We’re going to look for the elusive, the amazing, Brown Widow. Not the Black Widow—the Brown Widow Spider. Let’s go check ‘em out. I’ve got tons of them in my Backyard!

So you might be wondering, why are we going to be looking for the Brown Widows? What about the Black Widows? Well, pretty much all of the Black Widows have been replaced by Brown Widows, basically a cousin of the Black Widow. They are similar to the Black Widow, but as you can see—here, we found one—they are a little bit different.

They have the red hourglass, as you can see, on the bottom of the abdomen. Actually, their bite is not as venomous as the Black Widow, but we still want to keep our distance as much as possible.
We’ve got a nice Brown Widow here. Check her out! You can see the red hourglass. You see how her legs are striped? That’s the telltale sign of a Brown Widow. Earlier I said that we should keep our distance, but you know what, I can’t help myself. I have to try to at least capture one for our bug viewer! I don’t recommend doing this at home for any kids that are watching. If you’re really careful, these are not too difficult to catch.

Here is our Brown Widow Spider. Beautiful example, look at that perfect view of the hourglass abdomen and striped legs.
Alright, well thanks for joining me on Backyard Bug Adventures. Hopefully you had a good time watching us explore my backyard for Brown Widows. Believe me, there’s all kinds of great spiders and other kinds of bugs that come out at night. So hopefully, you can have your very own nighttime bug adventure as well. So let’s return our lady-friend back to her home and we will see you next time! Take Care.


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