September 28th, 2012 Deal of the Day: Rockin’ Math Game

Think rock stars don’t need math? Think again! Today’s Deal of the Day is Rockin Math–a super fun board game that will teach you that even lead singers need to know their multiplication tables! How much leather will you need to make custom pants for your entire band? Rock your way around the board, answering amped-up math questions. Climb the stairway to math superstardom!
  • Includes guitar-shaped box, 220 pick-shaped cards in limo holder, and 4 star-shaped playing pieces
  • Based on common core state standards for grades 3+, for 2-4 players
  • Teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, percentages, fractions, and more

Get your copy of Rockin’ Math™ for only $14.99 from now until midnight tonight PST over at’+math– Be a total savings rock star and save on shipping with promo code EIFREE!


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