September 4th, 2012 Deal of the Day: Classroom Scrapbook Pocket Chart

Today is September 4th, 2012 and our Deal of the Day is our Classroom Scrapbook Pocket Chart!

Teachers take hundreds of photos each year. Quickly and easily display them in this adorable wall-hanging Class Scrapbook Pocket Chart! This chart includes 14 photo pockets, fun printed quotations, and whimsical decorations. It even includes an included template for you to create and print student yearbooks!

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September 3rd, 2012 Deal of the Day: Quiz Bowl

Today is September 3rd, 2012 and we’ve got another great Deal of the Day for you! For many years, thousands of teachers at all levels from elementary to adult education have known that “Quiz Bowl” competitions are the ideal way to promote student involvement, better retention of curriculum material, and higher test scores! Now the wireless GeoSafari Quiz Bowl system makes these contests more fun than ever for students to play and easier than ever for teachers to administer!

It’s test prep made fun! Just enter your questions using the user-friendly game-authoring software, assign the number of points per question, type in the players’ names (optional), print out a copy of the questions and answers for the host, and you’re ready to go! It even allows bonus questions for extra points! After the questions asked by the moderator, the name of the student who “buzzes in” first is displayed on the scoreboard. The moderator simply presses “correct” or “incorrect” on the error-proof, intuitive Host Controller, and the Quiz Bowl Scoreboard does the rest. Lively sound effects and flashing lights add to the fun from beginning to end!

GeoSafari Quiz Bowl is your ticket to real classroom excitement and increased learning! GeoSafari Quiz Bowl Includes everything you need for two teams of five players each.
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Septemeber 1st, 2012 Deal of the Day: Classroom Quilt Pocket Chart

It’s the first day of September and we wanted to start off the month with one of our fan favorite pocket charts: the Classroom Quilt Pocket Chart!

A time–tested favorite, now available as a reusable pocket chart! Reinforce lessons and display student work across the curriculum all year long, and year after year. This Pocket chart measures 6.25″L x 6.25″H and includes a teacher tip sheet with a reproducible quilt square to make additions to the quilt hassle-free and seamless! Use it to reinforce lessons in symmetry, fractions, weather, life science, creative writing, art, and more. This chart features 30 clear vinyl pockets to display the work of every student and sturdy grommets that allow you hang it on the wall, bulletin board, or pocket chart stand.

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August 31st, 2012 Deal of the Day: Check Math! Game

We featured this product a few weeks back for Deal of the Day, and it’s back again today! Check Math!® is a two player game ideal for kids ages 8+. This strategy game is a great way to review multiples and factors! Players place their numbered tiles on opposing sides of the board and take turns advancing to any spot in their next row that is a multiple of their starting tile. Capture your opponent’s pieces to win!

Still don’t get how it’s played? Here’s Nancy in our earlier Deal of the Day promo breaking it down:

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August 21, 2012 Deal of the Day: Hot Dots w/ Pen

It’s Tuesday August 21st, and our Deal of the Day is our Make-Your-Own Hot Dots® Set!

Hot Dots Sets are one of our best sellers, and with this kit, you can turn any worksheet into your very own Hot Dots activity sheet!Great for kids ages 4-12, our Make-Your-Own Hot Dots® Set Transforms ordinary worksheets targeting any subject or skill into engaging activities with talking pen that provides immediate feedback. This set includes 450 self-adhesive dots for correct and incorrect answers as well as a Talking Hot Dots® Pen that indicates with lights and sound effects whether students have answered correctly. Simply apply correct/incorrect dots to existing worksheets or new worksheets, flash cards and quizzes you create and have kids use the pen for interactive fun!

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August 20, 2012 Deal of the Day: See ‘N’ Write

It’s Monday August 20th,2012 and today’s Deal of the Day is See N’ Write™—the portable, lightweight handwriting tutor that teaches letter recognition and formation.

Great for kids ages 5-9, children can select uppercase or lowercase and choose among 3 letter styles (basic manuscript, transitional modern, cursive) to practice in Write mode. It even includes a Game mode that challenges children to recognize a letter forming on the screen before it disappears!

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