Mommy Mondays: Getting Crafty

Hooray for Pinterest! Even though I think I use it wrong (as in I don’t follow anyone and have exactly 2 boards: arts & crafts ideas and pictures of bed frames I found online while shopping earlier this year and I’m always surprised when I get an email notice that one of these has been repinned…), I have found so many great craft ideas there!

Check out the fingerprint and hand print turkeys Emma and I made as Thanksgiving cards for the grandparents – so cute!

Our next project – and I might even go the extra mile and make it a Christmas arts & crafts play date for a few friends! – is painting these awesome Santa rocks…

Have you done any awesome arts & crafts this year? Lemme’ see!


We’re Howling Happy for Halloween!

It’s the end of the first week of October and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you some of the most creative food, craft, costume, and lesson ideas for Halloween!

From creepy treats to ghoulish getups, you can find all of this and more on our Pinterest page:

We’ve already started pinning for the spooky holiday, so be sure to follow us for more inspiration this season, not to mention getting the earliest heads up on deals and contests!


Marcia’s Musings: Fall Classroom Activities/Studies

After 15 years teaching everything from preschool to high school, veteran teacher, published kids’ book author, literacy volunteer, and our very own senior product manager Marcia Gresko knows all too well the ins and outs of creating fun and engaging lessons for any classroom! Here is a word from Marcia herself about some Classroom activities she did with her kids during the Fall season:

Here are 2 hands-on fall activities I did with my pre-kinder classes during our fall study of Native Americans.

The first is a cooperative weaving activity. The “loom” is made from 2 wooden bars, jute-like string, and beads. You drill holes in the bars, string the jute through the holes, and secure it with beads to prevent it from slipping back through. Then I hung it at kid-level from 2 hooks on the door of one of my classroom cupboards. Children took turns weaving strips of scrap, thrift-store fabric “under and over, under and over” the vertical string. Don’t worry if they don’t get it close to the previous strip. They can just push it up next to it when they have finished their turn. I added strips with children’s names from the bottom to finish off the activity. They came out so beautifully we entered one of them in our community’s Old Hometown Fair, and both hung in my classroom for years.

The second is a simple, cooperative totem-pole activity. The children painted boxes, added cut-outs, and stacked them up.

BTW, in case you are wondering, we did discuss that Native Americans were not all one people. Different groups lived all over our country and those groups lived differently depending on their location.

August 6th, 2012 Deal of the Day

Happy Monday! Today’s Deal of the Day is GeoSculpt™ 3-D Project Kit.

Whether it’s a school project or a fun weekend activity, creating a 3-D sculpture of a state, country, landform, or province is a fun, hands-on way to learn about geography – from the ground up! With the GeoSculpt™ 3-D Project Kit, you’ll make a colorfully detailed, 3-dimensional map with sculpted landforms such as mountains, valleys, waterways, and more. Perfect for school projects like volcano models, too!

Kit includes:Foam for creating landform “base” Magic Plaster Gauze for sculpting features paints in 6 colors and artist-quality brush for colorful details GUIDE with illustrated step-by-step instructions .

GeoSculpt™ is regularly $19.99, but you can get it today (until midnight PST) for only $9.99 (a 50% savings)! This is a GREAT deal, so take advantage of it today by heading over to! Enter EIFREE at checkout for free shipping to tack on to the savings!

Bridge the Gap: Get Crafty!

We highly recommend doing some arts and crafts with your kids. It builds self-esteem, creativity, and even fine motor skills.

So, one great indoor craft activity is making homemade sculpting dough with your kids. Its great! You guys can do the recipe together, you can measure it out, and its really simple. It’s just flour, salt, water, and a little food coloring.

If you’re not feeling that adventurous, we highly recommend Play Foam! It’s ready to go right outside of the packaging. It’s super easy to make squishy squashy shapes with or even simple sculptures. It’ll never dry out and its pretty much mess free. We love it and we think your kids will love it too!