September 19, 2012 Deal of the Day: GeoSafari Jr. Laptop

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September 3rd, 2012 Deal of the Day: Quiz Bowl

Today is September 3rd, 2012 and we’ve got another great Deal of the Day for you! For many years, thousands of teachers at all levels from elementary to adult education have known that “Quiz Bowl” competitions are the ideal way to promote student involvement, better retention of curriculum material, and higher test scores! Now the wireless GeoSafari Quiz Bowl system makes these contests more fun than ever for students to play and easier than ever for teachers to administer!

It’s test prep made fun! Just enter your questions using the user-friendly game-authoring software, assign the number of points per question, type in the players’ names (optional), print out a copy of the questions and answers for the host, and you’re ready to go! It even allows bonus questions for extra points! After the questions asked by the moderator, the name of the student who “buzzes in” first is displayed on the scoreboard. The moderator simply presses “correct” or “incorrect” on the error-proof, intuitive Host Controller, and the Quiz Bowl Scoreboard does the rest. Lively sound effects and flashing lights add to the fun from beginning to end!

GeoSafari Quiz Bowl is your ticket to real classroom excitement and increased learning! GeoSafari Quiz Bowl Includes everything you need for two teams of five players each.
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August 30th, 2012 Deal of the Day: Geosafari Tuff Cam

It’s Thursday August 30th, 2012 and we’ve got another amazing Deal for you today! You’ve seen it once before, and it’s back. Today’s Deal of the Day is our Geosafari Tuff Cam!

Now kids can safely and easily shoot their own video footage using durable, kid-tested GeoSafari® Tuff Cam! Featuring a tough, rubber casing, intuitive point and shoot trigger, and easy-view 2″ screen, this 12 MP digital video camera is ideal for kid-produced video, still images—even time lapse photography. Perfect for class projects, field trips, and more. Let your kid be their own director!

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Brent’s Backyard Bug Adventures: Brown Widows

Hello and welcome back to Backyard Bug Adventures! Brent Geppert here. I am the toys and games manager at Educational Insights. Okay so tonight we’re going to go on a bug adventure. We’re going to look for the elusive, the amazing, Brown Widow. Not the Black Widow—the Brown Widow Spider. Let’s go check ‘em out. I’ve got tons of them in my Backyard!

So you might be wondering, why are we going to be looking for the Brown Widows? What about the Black Widows? Well, pretty much all of the Black Widows have been replaced by Brown Widows, basically a cousin of the Black Widow. They are similar to the Black Widow, but as you can see—here, we found one—they are a little bit different.

They have the red hourglass, as you can see, on the bottom of the abdomen. Actually, their bite is not as venomous as the Black Widow, but we still want to keep our distance as much as possible.
We’ve got a nice Brown Widow here. Check her out! You can see the red hourglass. You see how her legs are striped? That’s the telltale sign of a Brown Widow. Earlier I said that we should keep our distance, but you know what, I can’t help myself. I have to try to at least capture one for our bug viewer! I don’t recommend doing this at home for any kids that are watching. If you’re really careful, these are not too difficult to catch.

Here is our Brown Widow Spider. Beautiful example, look at that perfect view of the hourglass abdomen and striped legs.
Alright, well thanks for joining me on Backyard Bug Adventures. Hopefully you had a good time watching us explore my backyard for Brown Widows. Believe me, there’s all kinds of great spiders and other kinds of bugs that come out at night. So hopefully, you can have your very own nighttime bug adventure as well. So let’s return our lady-friend back to her home and we will see you next time! Take Care.

August 6th, 2012 Deal of the Day

Happy Monday! Today’s Deal of the Day is GeoSculpt™ 3-D Project Kit.

Whether it’s a school project or a fun weekend activity, creating a 3-D sculpture of a state, country, landform, or province is a fun, hands-on way to learn about geography – from the ground up! With the GeoSculpt™ 3-D Project Kit, you’ll make a colorfully detailed, 3-dimensional map with sculpted landforms such as mountains, valleys, waterways, and more. Perfect for school projects like volcano models, too!

Kit includes:Foam for creating landform “base” Magic Plaster Gauze for sculpting features paints in 6 colors and artist-quality brush for colorful details GUIDE with illustrated step-by-step instructions .

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August 4th, 2012 Deal of the Day

It’s Saturday August 4th, 2012 and our featured product for Deal of the Day is…. GeoSafari® Talking Electron Microscope™!

View more than 180 amazing, up-close images with the Talking Electron Microscope! View various zoomed versions of 60 images and hear 5 fun facts about each image in Learning Mode – then switch to Quiz Mode and test your knowledge! Images include the human body, viruses and bacteria, plants, animals, and other “stuff.” Great for kids ages 2-8.

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Wild Wednesdays: Brent’s Backyard Bug Adventures!

Hi and welcome to Backyard Bug Adventure! My name is Brent Geppert and I manage the toys and games for Educational Insights. Out of all the toys and games we do, the ones I love the most are the ones about bugs, and that is why we are doing the backyard bug adventure in my backyard!

So bugs are amazing and what’s incredible is we’re surrounded by them. Some of the coolest bugs are in your own backyard or even your favorite park! So today, we’re going to try to find some baby ladybugs. They are kind of hard to find because they don’t look like adult ladybugs. So lets go try to find some in my apple tree!

We finally found a baby ladybug. He’s right here. Let’s see if we can get him to crawl on my hand… very gentle with him. There he is. Be very gentle when you’re handling bugs. There he is! A baby ladybug. Now it doesn’t look anything like an adult ladybug, but when it gets older, he or she will develop their spots and become a ladybug. Let go put him in our GeoSafari Bug Viewer!

So now I have the baby ladybug with an adult ladybug in the GeoSafari Jr. Bug Viewer. We get a great view of them. There’s the baby ladybug crawling around trying to look for some aphids probably. Actually, those little black spots that you see next to the adult ladybug are actually old aphids because ladybugs love to eat aphids.

So thanks for joining me on the backyard bug adventure! I’m going to put our friends back on the apple tree, and until next time, see you later, have a great time, get out there and find some cool bugs! Buh-bye

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