September 3rd, 2012 Deal of the Day: Quiz Bowl

Today is September 3rd, 2012 and we’ve got another great Deal of the Day for you! For many years, thousands of teachers at all levels from elementary to adult education have known that “Quiz Bowl” competitions are the ideal way to promote student involvement, better retention of curriculum material, and higher test scores! Now the wireless GeoSafari Quiz Bowl system makes these contests more fun than ever for students to play and easier than ever for teachers to administer!

It’s test prep made fun! Just enter your questions using the user-friendly game-authoring software, assign the number of points per question, type in the players’ names (optional), print out a copy of the questions and answers for the host, and you’re ready to go! It even allows bonus questions for extra points! After the questions asked by the moderator, the name of the student who “buzzes in” first is displayed on the scoreboard. The moderator simply presses “correct” or “incorrect” on the error-proof, intuitive Host Controller, and the Quiz Bowl Scoreboard does the rest. Lively sound effects and flashing lights add to the fun from beginning to end!

GeoSafari Quiz Bowl is your ticket to real classroom excitement and increased learning! GeoSafari Quiz Bowl Includes everything you need for two teams of five players each.
Originally $499.99, you can get yours for only $89.99 (SAVE OVER 80%)!

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August 7th, 2012 Deal of the Day

Hey Teachers! Today is Tuesday August 7th, 2012, and we have an astounding deal for you today. Our featured Deal of the Day today is none other than Classroom Jeopardy!

Classroom Jeopardy normally sells for $549.99, but for today ONLY, you can get this multiple award winning console for $39.99. You read that right. $34.99! With today’s Deal of the Day, you can now bring the excitement of this popular quiz show to class review for a whopping 92% discount!

It includes everything you need to write, save and play games on your TV. You can program up to 61 of your own questions to target any skill or content, then download and share them for free at

It includes:
Classroom Jeopardy!® link
Classroom Jeopardy! Editor CD ROM game-creation software (PC and Mac compatible)
3 Wireless team controllers
Wireless teacher remote
Electronic scoreboard with 3 erasable name cards
Wireless antenna
Power adapter and cords
5 Pre-programmed sampler games, plus extra storage space for custom games
Complete instructions
6″ Screwdriver

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