EI’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest

In addition to dressing up for Halloween, the gang got together for a pumpkin decorating contest! These were the results:

Brent’s tiki pumpkin is an aloha surprise.

Isn’t that Shelby the Office Pooch? Lisa worked hard to keep the eye from rolling around!

Nancy, our math and science product manager, made her very own pumpkin pi!

Jess’s vampire pumpkin is thirsty for human blood.

We think James has inspired a few “rooooars” with his dinosaur-inspired carving.

Awww, how cute and petite is Sonia’s little one…with a mouthful of seeds and everything.

Riley’s gradient and origami decoupage pumpkin is sittin’ pretty.

Ernesto nailed the black and orange contrast with this scary creation!

Nancy B.’s Helpful Handouts: Pluto and its History

Nancy Balter, a 7th & 8th grade math and science teacher for more than 10 years and our math and science product manager, always has cool ideas for teaching and helping kids learn! Here is a helpful out-of-this-world handout that will be sure to grab your kids’ attention and launch it to new heights!

A word from Nancy about the handout:
“This worksheet would be useful to teachers who have students asking about why “poor” Pluto was downgraded from its planet status to dwarf planet. This worksheet also helps students understand the new definition that is being used to define a planet.”

Fun Fact: Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is often credited with being the first one to downgrade Pluto (he’s gotten some hate mail from 3rd graders over this!). Dr. Tyson’s voice is on our new Planet Scale!