August 31st, 2012 Deal of the Day: Check Math! Game

We featured this product a few weeks back for Deal of the Day, and it’s back again today! Check Math!® is a two player game ideal for kids ages 8+. This strategy game is a great way to review multiples and factors! Players place their numbered tiles on opposing sides of the board and take turns advancing to any spot in their next row that is a multiple of their starting tile. Capture your opponent’s pieces to win!

Still don’t get how it’s played? Here’s Nancy in our earlier Deal of the Day promo breaking it down:

This game normally sells for $19.99, but it’s yours today for just $9.99 until Midnight PST!
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August 22nd, 2012 Deal of the Day: Ticks, Tacks, Toes

It’s Wednesday August 22nd, 2012 and our Deal of the Day is on Ticks Tacks Toes!

It’s strategic tic-tac-toe with a clever twist! This 2009 NAPPA Gold Award winner is sure to keep your kids entertained. In this fun version of the classic game, players take turns placing 3D ticks, tacks and toes on the game board! Players try to get tic-tac-toe strings of three-in-a-row to earn tokens. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t, because other players can score off your moves, so watch out! Earn the most tokens and win! This game includes 36 ticks, tacks and toes plus a colorful game board, tokens and guide. Great for 2 to 4 players.

Ticks Tacks Toes noramlly retails for $19.99, but today you can get it for only $9.99! Hurry, this offer ends at midnight PST, so get shopping here: Enter EIFREE to get free shipping with this DOD purchase!